Ralph Butler 5-Piece Band

Here is a 6 minute and 36 second video of Ralph Butler performing with a 5-piece band.
Starring: Ralph Butler (Vocals), Paul Deming (Guitar), Gerry Liebmann (Keyboard), Fred Spencer (Drums), and Chris Watrous (Bass)


Upcoming Event

Bahai' Bicentennial celebration Friday
10-20-2017 12:00 am
Category:  The Band
Aeries Winery
10-21-2017 3:00 pm
Category:  The Trio
Bahai' Bicentennial celebration Saturday
10-21-2017 7:00 pm
Category:  The Band
Mt Pleasant
10-28-2017 2:00 pm
Category:  The Band
The Log Cabin Club - TRIO
10-28-2017 7:00 pm
Category:  The Trio
Ross 50th Anniversary Party/Bellerive CC
11-04-2017 7:30 pm
Category:  The Band