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The Trio ( 10 Events )

The trio may seem small but they promise to deliver a huge performance.

The Band ( 12 Events )

Ready to enjoy great live music from a full band? Here is your chance to see the Ralph Butler Band perform. 

Upcoming Event

Chandler Hill / Duo
07-26-2014 2:00 pm
Category:  The Trio
Candci's Restaurant
07-31-2014 6:00 pm
Category:  The Trio
Duo at Faust Park
08-14-2014 5:00 pm
Category:  The Trio
Art in the Park
09-28-2014 3:00 pm
Category:  The Band | Band Business
Mt Pleasant 4 piece
10-04-2014 2:00 pm
Category:  The Band
Florissant Fall Festival
10-12-2014 12:00 am
Category:  Band Business | The Band

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